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Key Competences

More than a comprehensive service

For a key management placement to be a perfect and sustainable fit, all processes must be compatible, both on our side and the client´s. We aim to make a significant contribution to our clients´ success. At InterSearch Executive Consultants we promise you: we will exceed your expectations, every time.

Our Sectors and Professional Expertise

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The Automotive Practice Group works nationally and internationally for manufacturing-, sales-, and service organizations in the areas of:
  • Passenger- and commercial vehicle manufacturing
  • Supply of Tier 1 and Tier 2 automotive components
  • After Market
  • Automotive Dealership
  • E-Mobility
InterSearch Executive Consultants draws on a high level of expertise and experience in the successful placement of managers and highly qualified, specialist professionals: F&E, Technical, Operations, Logistics, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Sales, Project- and Platform Management, Supply Chain, Corporate Functions and Business Excellence. The members of the Automotive Practice Group work together in close co-operation in order to exchange their experiences on a regional and global level. They collaborate closely on establishing best practices and creating strong synergies in order to gain access to the best talents in the business worldwide.
Consumer & Retail

The Consumer & Retail Practice Group focusses on identifying and placing top leadership candidates and talents in the following branches:

  • FMCG
  • SMCG
  • Luxury & Fashion
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Food Service
  • Retail

Our consultants command a profound industry know-how and extensive networks across market categories. They have successfully placed a large number of candidates in very diverse searches: from C-Level positions to leadership roles in Marketing and Business Development, Sales and Key Account Management, Global and Regional Operations, Packaging, Merchandising, Logistics, Buying and Supply Chain, and up to demanding Corporate Functions.

Energy, Oil/Gas & Renewable Energy

In times of dynamic change, there is an increased demand for highly qualified management talent. Steady and continued growth is forecast, and thanks to an excellent grounding in the science and practice of energy generation, the InterSearch Practice Group is well placed to meet the challenges in Europe, the USA, the Near East, Africa and Asia.

The team collaborates in identifying the best qualified business leaders and top specialists in the following areas:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Energy Generation
  • Renewable Energy
  • Energy Trading and Brokerage
  • Energy Distribution and Services

The global Practice Group team is involved in an ongoing dialogue regarding best practices and industry know-how and as such, represents a highly qualified and reliable competence center in this rapidly evolving sector.

Financial Services

Traditional business models in financial services are being challenged by new technologies, regulations and changing customer expectations. Adapting your personnel strategy to respond to market changes and upheavals offers the opportunity to take an innovative and differentiated approach to attracting new management talents.

The most recent developments in the sector relating to rapid technological advances, globalization and increased transparency, as well as corporate governance and compliance, have led to an increased demand for talented managers, especially in the areas of:

  • Consumer- and Commercial banking
  • Capital Markets and Investment banking
  • Private Equity
  • Private banking and Family offices
  • Mergers & Acquisition
  • Insurance
  • Financial Technology
  • Payment Services

Our global know-how and our locally engaged consultancy team are a guarantee for generating added value across the whole sector. We have a deep knowledge of the market and an impressive success rate in placing business leaders and top specialists in the Financial Services sector.


Globalization, disruptive markets and technological trends – especially digitalization and automation – are factors that have set in motion complex and rapid changes in manufacturing industries, leading to a demand for a new style of business leadership.

Today´s industrial managers must be innovative and agile, they must have a global mind-set, while simultaneously focusing on the strategic, operational and financial aspects of the business.

We have a particular focus on the following sectors:

  • Construction- and agricultural equipment
  • Construction components
  • Chemical industries
  • Electronics and Electrical Technology
  • Machinery- and Plant Engineering
  • Industrial services, including logistics and transport
  • Plastics- and Packaging Technology
  • Air- and Space travel

Our consultants have developed an exceptional level of expertise and long-standing networks across all relevant market sectors, different sizes of company and the full range of functional responsibilities. On your behalf, they will identify the most suitable candidates, as well as maintaining thorough and long-term attention to the outstanding talent in the market.

Infrastructure, Construction & Environment

This Practice Group supports companies who influence our quality of life through construction and infrastructure projects. A changing landscape in investment behavior, privatization of large infrastructure projects, as well as residential construction- and supply organizations, has led to an increased demand for professional management teams in the following areas:

  • Building construction and civil engineering
  • Architectural-, Planning- and Engineering practices
  • EPCM
  • Real Estate- and Property Management
  • Environmental services and waste disposal management

In the infrastructure sector, business leaders with a global outlook know that constant innovation represents the only chance to fulfill user expectations and meet commercial targets. This requires a new generation of talents and business solutions that are more intelligent, more sustainable, more resilient and more innovative.

Life Sciences

The competition for talents in the area of Life Sciences is becoming increasingly hard; from now on and for the foreseeable future, new skills will be required in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology. The demand for high quality healthcare solutions, which are innovative as well as cost efficient, creates a corresponding need for scientists, doctors, engineers and technicians who have the requisite skills and qualifications.

The Practice Group Life Sciences supports clients in the following areas:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical technology
  • Research institutions
  • Healthcare providers

We identify and put forward qualified candidates with the relevant experience in the fields of general management, divisional- and product management, procurement, operations, technology and quality assurance, as well as marketing and sales, corporate functions and logistics.


In an evolving economy, which is experiencing dynamic change, it is essential for the technology sector to contribute a strong foundation as the basis for long-term transformation and sustainable future strategies.

Communication and the flow of information are the backbone of the global economy, making the technology- and telecommunications sectors of critical importance

The Practice Group Technology supports clients in the following areas:

  • Cyber security
  • Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data & Analytics
  • Hardware and Semiconductors
  • Software-systems and -services
  • Telecommunications and Network infrastructure, including services
  • IT-Services

In the dynamic world of technology, flexible and creative business leaders are a vital part of a company´s competitive edge.


In all its different forms, the public sector is one of the most important employers inside Germany and abroad.

The demands and challenges faced by public- and community organizations resemble those in the private sector to an ever-greater degree. Increasingly, the focus is on uncomplicated, accessible and practical products and services – for employees as well as for customers.

Growing importance is attached to digitalization and the transformation to clear, modern working practices, both internally and externally. Easy access, faster turnaround, online services and e-documentation are just some of the key issues in this context.

Unlike the private sector, the public sector must also deal with another set of very specific demands: service to the community, political issues and a high level of public interest require particular consideration.

Managers must be able to adapt to higher expectations. In addition, the increased demand for operational efficiency combined with a performance environment in the public sector requires a new style of management, more akin to that of the private sector.

The following sectors in particular are seeing a high demand for innovative and inclusive management personalities:

  • Universities and educational bodies, research institutes
  • Chambers of commerce and trade associations
  • Public administrative bodies
  • Public transport companies, local and long-distance
  • State-, federal- and local service providers and suppliers
  • Public Trusts and associations
  • Community initiatives

Our consultants have extensive experience and well-established networks in all areas of the public sector. They are consistently able to identify the most suitable candidates for their clients and provide on-going and reliable attention to the outstanding talents in the market.

Executive Diagnostic

Since the very beginning of our company, the Practice Group Executive Diagnostics (Management Audit) has worked across business sectors in interdisciplinary teams consisting of psychologists and business managers.

Today, companies find themselves in a permanent change process that requires senior managers to meet continuous new challenges. These changes often coincide with a new corporate strategy, a revised leadership philosophy and the necessity of ongoing employee development.

We support our clients with the following methods of aptitude diagnostics:

  • Management audits for a neutral, objective view of your leadership team: does your company have a “good mix” on board?
  • Development Center / Potential Analysis as the foundation of individual, targeted measures for personnel development
  • Executive Assessments for selection processes


We welcome the opportunity to support you with these procedures either as part of a (planned) transformation process, or to be an objective, external partner if you wish to undertake a process of strategic succession planning.Whichever diagnostic process you chose, our philosophy remains the same: we value comprehensible and fair processes, with transparent communication and a valid but pragmatic methodology.

Unabhängig von der Wahl des eignungsdiagnostischen Verfahrens, das zum Einsatz kommt, ist unsere Philosophie immer: Wir legen Wert auf nachvollziehbare und faire Prozesse mit einer transparenten Kommunikation sowie eine valide und zugleich pragmatische Vorgehensweise.

Executive Meeting

Interim Management

SI Interim Management is an agency for the placement of particularly qualified interim managers in temporary management positions in Germany and abroad. When selecting our interim managers, we are open to any nationality. We pay attention to qualification, personality and integrity. Trust is our highest priority in the personnel business. This also applies without reservation to interim management. Despite all the efficiency in processing interim requests, it must be ensured that the client’s trust in the diligence of his interim management provider is justified – especially in the case of foreign assignments. That is why we take a particularly long time to carefully select our candidates. We have a great interest in conscientious selection, because every interim manager we employ is our business card.

The success of foreign investments depends on the people to whom they are entrusted. They must be ready at the right time, for the right duration and with the right qualifications. We only propose candidates with the best fit to the request, increasingly including the nationality of the target country.

integrated HR consultancy services. What does that mean in detail?

We are not only a recruitment agency or a headhunter; as a qualified Executive Search team, we search for and identify candidates who are a good match for our clients, will enjoy a good long-term career development with them and make a sustainable contribution to the success of the business. That requires us to have a true professional partnership and a relationship of trust with our clients; it entails much more than simply passing on resumés. We are your advisers in Human Resources.

The starting point for every project is a strategic evaluation of our client´s company, and of the market in which they operate; the broad expertise and experience of our team is augmented by specific professional analysis. Our Research Consultants are highly trained and have extensive experience of creating individual, tailor-made search processes; they will identify suitable candidates, make selective approaches, inform and motivate, always in the context of the criteria agreed in the position profile. Our Research Consultants already know the relevant players in any given market as well as the best access channels, providing a valuable competitive advantage. Their professional expertise and market knowledge make our Research Consultants a sought-after contact for companies and candidates. InterSearch Executive Consultants stands for providing a comprehensive consultancy service. This includes, among other things, the agreement of the position profile and search criteria; the definition of a search process based on client needs; an international search, if necessary; the pro-active design of the approach; presenting suitable candidates to the client in person; substantive support during the decision-making process.

We assess managers in the executive search process based on their performance potential and we support their integration into the organization.

In order for a management placement to be a perfect fit, our search teams evaluate the contribution that a candidate can make to successfully meeting a company´s strategic objectives. In the course of the systematic assessment process, we use specially designed, structured interviews and methods of aptitude diagnostics from our specialist Executive Diagnostics group; certain online tools, for instance, can generate robust results very quickly. In order to round off our assessment, we also gather references for selected candidates.

Besides delivering a thorough screening process, we place great importance on the respectful treatment of our candidates; we aim to inspire and motivate, as well as giving honest feedback. Beyond this, we accompany the on-boarding of candidates in order to assist with their integration and long-term development.

Find out more about our specialist Executive Diagnostics Group here.