Delivering MORE through entrepreneurial thinking
Delivering MORE through entrepreneurial thinking
Delivering MORE through entrepreneurial thinking

More than just a good executive search

As an international executive search consultancy, we know exactly how important the quality of executive leadership is to the successful development of your business. That´s why our commitment goes far beyond the search process: we always exceed expectation. We see ourselves as part of the value chain, advising and supporting our clients on an equal footing, with a focus on the overall business objectives. In order to deliver with speed and efficiency, we rely on state-of-the-art methodology, transparent processes and the courage of our own convictions – as we have done for more than 35 years.

InterSearch Executive Consultants at a glance:

We see ourselves as our client´s business partner, giving each project our personal attention and commitment. That includes discussing any challenges openly and agreeing pragmatic solutions with you. We are passionate about exceeding your expectations. 

The result? We have long-term collaborations with many of our clients and make a substantive contribution to growth of their businesses.


InterSearch operates worldwide in the field of Executive Search, with over 600 consultants in over 50 countries with more than 90 company locations


35th anniversary


The InterSearch Executive Consultants GmbH & Co KG is founded with company locations in Hamburg, Cologne and Frankfurt.


By changing the name from MR Personalberatung to InterSearch Deutschland, the international linkage is made even clearer.


Founding member of the world network of independent consultants, InterSearch Worldwide Ltd.


MR Personalberatung is founded

InterSearch Worldwide

Executive searches beyond Germany´s borders are the natural consequence of increasing globalization. In meeting this demand, InterSearch Executive Consultants can draw on its international partnership, which was established over 30 years ago, in order to identify candidates for international locations, who nevertheless meet the highest quality standards.

Männer in Business Outfit
Abstraktes Gemälde
Abstraktes Gemäöde

Finding real talent is an art-form

That´s why we are committed to the fine arts. Through regular exhibitions at our InterSearch Executive offices, we give up-and-coming artists a platform to showcase themselves and their work.

InterSearch - our charitable Commitment

Social responsibility is not just an empty phrase for us. We want to give something back to the regions, especially at our sites. That’s why we support various projects with donations in cash or in kind.

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More than a new challenge

That we always exceed expectations is demonstrated by the way we treat our candidates. We do not set store on presenting as many candidates as possible to companies with interesting vacancies; instead, we see ourselves as real Executive Search consultants, who explicitly respect the needs and wishes of both sides – company and candidate. Quality, not quantity is our guiding principle.

Delivering MORE through respectful attention