Client Partner / Partner

As a Client Partner/Partner, you will play a leading business development role in a highly competitive market.

You already have a highly successful professional track record, identifying, generating and consolidating new business opportunities and managing key business accounts. You are experienced and confident in the operational supervision of complex and demanding client projects, both nationally and internationally. You are a dynamic and self-assured entrepreneurial personality: as well as having an incisive understanding of strategic business processes and excellent, in-depth knowledge of specific markets and business sectors, you command an extensive and well-developed professional network. Whether you have made your impressive professional achievements in the business sector or in consulting, we place high value on your ability to deal with senior clients on an equal footing: you will bring your insight to understanding their needs, as well as a pragmatic and structured approach to fulfilling the brief.

Beyond this, you see yourself as a motivating and inspirational leadership personality who is distinguished by an innovative approach, creativity and visionary thinking.

There is an opportunity to acquire equity share in the company, which would be actively encouraged, and with it, the potential for taking on a strategic, nation-wide business role.

For further information or queries about applications or career, please contact Thomas Bockholdt at: +49(40)-468842-0 or

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